Despite its warnings, FIFA is dragged into Politics: Wadii Jarii at The Service of Youssef Chahed


FIFA and all Continental Confederations emphasize that football is not to be politicized in order to consolidate and preserve the principles of the International Olympic Committee, which prohibits the use of sport - and football in particular - to promote political views and ideological stances. Football aims at spreading peace, respect and inclusion and dragging FIFA into political conflicts goes against its core values, namely transparency,  integrity and justice, and could disturb sport events and divide the participants who come together to celebrate football


FIFA's regulation

The President of the Tunisian Football Federation and his close associates of the Federal Bureau disregarded the Olympic Charter and the laws of FIFA. In fact, on September 2nd, the President of the Tunisian Football Federation, Mr. Wadii Jarii took part, with great enthusiasm, in the Prime Minister, Youssef Chahed’s presidential campaign and was one of the most prominent attendees at the meetings of the political party "Tahya Tounes


Wadii Jarii with youssef chahed during his campaign



Despite FIFA's warnings, the president of the Tunisian Football Federation, , chose not only to promote the prime minister's party, but also stood next to him in the front line during the campaign and thus publicly stating his involvement and support to prompt citizens to vote for him

The official spokesperson of the Tunisian Football Federation who is also a member of the Federal Bureau, Mr. Hamed Maghirbi is also promoting Youssef Chahed’s party during the early presidential election. Mr. Hamed Maghirbi is infamous for repeatedly defending the Prime Minister Youssef Chahed on TV platforms

Paradoxically, when four members of the Federal Bureau were suspended, then resigned in August 2018, Mr. Wadii Jarii publicly stated that it is utterly unacceptable to involve sport in politics and continuously waved the FIFA sword to threaten anyone who dares to engage in political activities, or use sport to serve politics and politicians.

However, it seems that the president of the Federal Bureau is above these laws and can get away with infringing, not only the Tunisian constitution and laws, but also the laws of FIFA and the Olympic Charter.  

According to sources, "I WATCH," by showing support and allegiance, Mr. Wadii Jarii’ is returning the favour to Youssef Chahed, who "protected him" throughout his term, and is aspiring, as agreed between them, to become the next Minister of Youth and Sports if Youssef Chahed wins the early presidential elections and becomes the new president of Tunisia



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