Sakhr El Matri leaves the Seychelles for Qatar

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IWATCH organization has learned through the follow-up on the case concerning the retrieval of the looted funds abroad and the status of members of the Ben Ali family accused of corruption and embezzlement by the year 2011, that the ex-president Ben Ali’s son in law Sakhr El Matri was granted a Seychellois passport under the number N0128111. His acquisition of Seychelles citizenship and passport contributed in lifting the travel ban imposed on him as IWATCH has also learned that he traveled to Qatar on two occasions (April,22nd  2019 and May,2nd  2019) and to Turkey on June,1st  2019

The organization has been made aware that Sakhr El Matri had put his house in the Seychelles for sale and that he intends to leave for good with his Seychellois wife and children. It is likely that El Matri intends to settle in the state of Qatar

It should be noted that IWATCH organization has attempted to stop the procedures for the acquisition of Seychelles citizenship by Sakhr El Matri after the Court of First Instance in Tunis had pronounced criminal judgements against him and Ben Ali under the numbers 34491 and 32158 on 24/01/2017 and 23/02/2017 respectively.  All that was needed to be done to stop the procedures was to present a hard copy of the criminal judgements to the Seychelles court which the Ministry of Justice and the Court have refused to provide IWATCH with upon request, and this led to Sakhr El Matri’s acquisition of Seychelles citizenship and passport

Therefore, IWATCH organization is calling the Tunisian government and the Ministry of justice to take responsibility and intervene diplomatically to impede El Matri from traveling freely especially since his involvement in the looting of Tunisian people’s funds had been proven, and sentences to imprison him and freeze his properties in Tunisia and abroad had been delivered

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